Wear Well India is a highly design centric company. We thrive on producing our own sample ranges based on the latest trends, buyer mood boards and our own aesthetic sense. Working with a wide range of brands, our strength resides in recognizing each brand’s style & approach. We also have a strong team dedicated to product development.

We work with a wide range of fabrics from knits, woven and denims to an equally varied set of techniques for embellishment, embroidery & fabric washes while making sure we adhere to the strict safety rules for each garment (especially children’s wear).

‘Right first time’ manufacturing is an essential part of our business strategy. We believe this to be key in reducing our rejects, enabling us to plan effectively and ultimately providing competitive prices and lead times which we believe to be one of our underlying successes.

Production capacity of our factory is approximately 4,00,000 pieces/month ( 3,00,000 woven & 1,00,000 knitted) with lead times of 45-75 days from purchase order.